18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition (AMPC)

I am honored that my image, "The Graphite Reactor," was selected as 1st Prize Winner of the "Our Ecological Footprint" category at the 18th Annual Appalachian Mountain Photography Competition (AMPC) juried event on March 20, 2021. My award and a pre-recorded video can be seen at the 11:00 mark. All winners and finalists will be displayed at the AMPC Gallery at the Turchin Center for the Visual Arts in Boone, North Carolina through June 5, 2021. I hope you go see the show this spring! More details at the Blog link.

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Still the Queen: Three Years with Dementia



My mother was a proud and stylish woman, a cultural byproduct of the glamourous 1940s-1960s social scene that, at least in the South, emphasized beauty, housekeeping, and hospitality. She was known for her prize-winning coconut cake, homemade ice cream, and being overdressed on all occasions. She waged war with the brown roots that emerged from her bleach-blond hair every four weeks, and while Clairol helped win that battle, it took a massive amount of time and effort. Make no mistake, mom was intelligent, perceptive, and complex, but those traits weren’t valued in her culture so she focused instead on societal expectations. Her goal was beauty – both literal and figurative – which made her subsequent battle with dementia even more brutal as it robbed mom of everything she once cared about, including her looks, friends, and social graces. Dementia stole my mother long before she died.  This story is about just that – the last three years of her life – as captured in a photo documentary series of how dementia affected all of us.

"Across the Harbor"

Competition: PhotoCrowd (UK), Bridges & Crossings, Expert Commended.



News Photography - Alamy Live News
Charlotte, North Carolina
February 21 - March 2, 2018

Charlotte, NC, USA. 21 Feb - 2 Mar 2018. Rev. Billy Graham died on 21 Feb at age 99. Tributes poured into the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association headquarters in Charlotte, NC throughout the weeklong memorial. President Donald Trump, Vice President, Mike Pence, former President Bill Clinton, and former President George W. Bush visited the Billy Graham Library during the week to pay respects to the family. Credit: Castle Light Images/Alamy Live News.


Competition: Wildlife, N-Photo Magazine Team (UK), Expert Commended.

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Work Sample: News Photography - Alamy Live News
Charlotte, North Carolina
October 26, 2018

Charlotte, NC. 26 Oct 2018. US President Trump attends a MAGA Rally to campaign for 9th District House Candidate, Mark Harris. Trumps's supporters braved cold weather and hard rain, some arriving over a day early, to hear the president speak.  Photo Credit: Castle Light Images / Alamy Live News

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"Meals of the Past"

(Shall We Eat? article, December 23, 2018). Our mothers grew up on a rural TN farm & the food my grandmother cooked for them, and they later cooked for us, included tender meats, creamy mashed potatoes, farm fresh vegetables, scratch biscuits, and sweet tea. All of these amazing cooks from our past are gone now but the memories of the meals at that farm have never faded. To honor this heritage, my cousin & I gathered at this southern restaurant near our former family farm, to celebrate our mothers--and the meals we once shared together.



Archival Project

You may know him best as "Rolf" in the classic Academy Award-winning film, The Sound of Music, but Dan Truhitte has also worked in many facets of the entertainment industry throughout the past 70 years. Starting as a child performer at age 5, Dan went on to work in television, film, radio, musical theater, road tours, Las Vegas productions, and industrial musicals just to name a few.  Throughout this time, Dan has collected a massive collection of vintage audio and film recordings, television clips, musical recordings, newspaper and print media, professional and candid photography, and other forms of professional memorabilia. This archive provides an insider's view  of the show business industry, from a variety of vantage points, from one of the most famous villains in cinematic history--Dan Truhitte.

9 / To Remember Us By

"To Remember Us By"



Published in the Because of Her assignment, curated by Amy Toensing & David Y. Lee, November 2017 - "As my mother's memory faded, she required 24/7 supervision in a Memory Care Unit. They suggested we surround her with some of her favorite things for comfort & in hopes of jogging her memory. We loaded her bureau with photos of her children & grandkids, her prized bowling trophy, stuffed animals, and art which helped for a short time; however, on this day she vacantly stared ahead, as seen in this reflection, showing little recognition. It ultimately just wasn't enough to sustain her."

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Taste of the South, 12 Must Visit General Stores, May/June 2018 - I’m grateful to Jane Priddy Charleville for selecting my image, “Generations” to represent her business in the Taste of the South magazine’s May/June 2018 feature, “12 Must Visit General Stores.” Priddy’s General Store, located in Danbury, NC, has been in the Priddy family for many generations with Jane now at the helm. It is a peaceful place to spend a lazy weekend day. After you shop, you can sit on the front porch for a spell and, if you time it right, you can attend one of the Pickin’ at Priddy’s bluegrass concerts held on the back lawn several times a year. Be sure to bring money for hot dogs and don't forget your lawn chair to enjoy a relaxing, nostalgic evening, listening to fine music, dancing, and watching the sun set.


Gallery Exhibit: 

"As the Sun Gently Sets"

Southeast Center for Photography


January 3-25, 2020

Juror: Jane Szabo, Los Angeles

Greenville, South Carolina