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Biography of one of the most famous villains in cinematic musical history scheduled for 2019.

You may know him best as "Rolf" in the classic Academy Award winning film, The Sound of Music, but Dan Truhitte has also spent his entire career in multiple facets of the entertainment industry. At age 74, he is the sole remaining vocal performer from the Sound of Music cast. He started in the industry at age 6 bringing him now on the eve of his 70th anniversary in the business. Dan has seen and done it all -- as an actor, singer, dancer, teacher, and producer -- in television, film, radio, musical theater, road tours, Las Vegas productions, and industrial musicals -- just to name a few. There are many fascinating and unexpected turns in this story and Dan candidly describe the ups and downs of his career including his recent comeback in his mid-70s with tours planned for Hollywood and London in 2018. This is a roller coaster of a life journey and his photo, audio, and memorabilia archives are unsurpassed.  These momentos will be included in the book and also on a corresponding website so the public can enjoy these national treasures. [Special Note:  *If you have any great "Rolf" stories, or if you have photographs or other memorabilia of Dan in other areas of the industry, please contact me directly].  Look for Dan's biography, scheduled for release in 2019, for a fun read, and for an insider's view of the vicissitudes of the show business industry from one of the most famous villains in cinematic history--Dan Truhitte.

Dan Truhitte: 70 Years in Entertainment: News
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